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What age group is Cosmic Kids Club designed for?

Cosmic Kids Club is designed for young minds aged 7-14 years.

What is the duration of the offer for membership?

The offer is for the first year, and renewal will happen at the printed price with a renewal discount.

Is Cosmic Kids Club accessible on mobile devices?

Yes, Cosmic Kids Club is a web-based application that is mobile responsive, allowing you to browse through it on mobile and tablet devices.

How will I receive notifications about events and updates?

You will receive notifications on your registered email ID. Additionally, if you join our Cosmic Kids Club channel, you will also receive notifications.

Are the events, comics, and videos suitable for all ages?

The events, collections of comics, and videos on Cosmic Kids Club are grade and age-specific.

How can I seek support or assistance?

For any support or assistance, you may write to us at info@cosmickids.club.

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