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Cosmic Kids Club
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Space and Nurtures Curiosity!

A unique space edutainment DIY platform to engage and educate your child.

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Cosmic Kids Club
Empowering Young Explorers, Unleashing Creativity

Imagine a world where every child can embark on a cosmic journey of discovery right from their own home. At Cosmic Kids Studio, we're on a mission to make that vision a reality. Our platform offers a unique blend of interactive learning experiences and creative exploration, designed to ignite curiosity and inspire a lifelong love for space and science. oin us as we empower the next generation of space enthusiasts to reach for the stars and beyond.

Explore at your own pace and in your preferred learning style.

Embark on a cosmic journey with Cosmic Kids Club, where your child can explore the wonders of space at their own pace and in their own learning style. Dive into captivating live sessions and interact with experts from around the globe. Journey through self-paced learning modules designed to deepen understanding. Delve into our extensive library filled with educational videos, comics, and books, all crafted to ignite a love for space.

Get ready for an adventure with our creative, theme-based challenges!

Explore our collection of engaging challenges designed to ignite curiosity, foster creativity, and spark learning. there's something for every young explorer to enjoy.

Ask questions and get rewarded

Dive into our Discovery Bag, where the wonders of the cosmos await! Ask us about space-themed topics and satisfy your curiosity while earning exciting rewards. It's a unique and rewarding way to fuel your passion for learning!

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Earn amazing rewards!

Climb the leaderboard by participating in challenges, quizzes, and activities. The more you engage, the higher you climb, earning exciting rewards along the way.



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We’ve got you!

What age group is Cosmic Kids Club designed for?

Cosmic Kids Club is designed for young minds aged 7-14 years.

What is the duration of the offer for membership?

The offer is for the first year, and renewal will happen at the printed price with a renewal discount.

Is Cosmic Kids Club accessible on mobile devices?

Yes, Cosmic Kids Club is a web-based application that is mobile responsive, allowing you to browse through it on mobile and tablet devices.

How will I receive notifications about events and updates?

You will receive notifications on your registered email ID. Additionally, if you join our Cosmic Kids Club channel, you will also receive notifications.

Are the events, comics, and videos suitable for all ages?

The events, collections of comics, and videos on Cosmic Kids Club are grade and age-specific.

How can I seek support or assistance?

For any support or assistance, you may write to us at

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